THE FRESHTIVAL: Saturday, October 12, 2019 - SOMO village in ROHNERT PARK, CALIFORNIA

HenHouse Brewing Company is beyond stoked to present a very special beer festival on October 12th in collaboration with the Bay Area Brewers Guild! The Freshtival is a celebration of freshness that we intend to make an annual must for all of Sonoma County. This wouldn’t be an event that HenHouse is championing if it wasn’t crazy ambitious, so we’ve decided to feature only beers at the height of freshness - meaning all of the beer poured in the main festival area will have been packaged on or after October 5th. That’s right, well over 100 different beers less than 7 days old, in perfect, brewery-fresh condition!

One of our core beliefs here at HenHouse is that everyone deserves to drink great beer. We know that no matter how well a beer is brewed, it will not be great unless it reaches the drinker in brewery-fresh condition. Time, temperature and travel all take their toll and will render even the most delicious beers forgettable. This is why HenHouse and many like-minded brewers self-distribute via refrigerated trucks, only sell beer locally, and do all we can to make the experience of getting beer from us directly in our tasting rooms as welcoming and worthwhile as possible. By putting a great deal of focus into our brewing and packaging processes, we’re able to maintain 100% cold-chain for our beer and insist on the most aggressive freshness standards in the industry. On October 12th, 2019 we will gather with over 50 other brewers in celebration of this new paradigm. There will be live music, delicious food, a gallery of beer industry art, interactive beer-freshness-edutainment, and of course, a bunch of delicious, brewery-fresh beer!