Our flagship beers are the five beers we think are not only delicious, but important to make. Try them, we think you'll agree.


Ale brewed with Black Pepper and Coriander 5.5% ABV

HenHouse Saison is made for drinking after a long day at work. We brew it with black pepper and coriander, which builds on the spiciness of the French saison yeast. The grapefruit and orange peel you taste is from a slight Cascade hops addition. Wheat and German pilsner malt give our Saison a dry, gently grainy finish. It's a beer you can sit and think about, but you don't have to.

An Honest Day's Work

Red Rye Saison 7% ABV

An Honest Day's Work is our red rye saison, made with our house saison yeast and three kinds of rye. It is darker and stronger to be a tribute to the historic saisons that would have lasted over the winter for farm workers to drink during the next year's work. A little bit of spicy German hops on the nose, some toffee, Carly once said it's like plum jam on rye toast and that description has stuck.

Oyster Stout

ALE brewed with whole oysters 4.8% ABV

We brew HenHouse Oyster Stout with whole oysters and oyster shells from Hog Island Oyster Company and add a touch of sea salt. The calcium from the oysters brings out the chocolate and coffee notes from the roast barley and California grown malt. The sea salt grants a slight brine aroma. It's one of the best expressions of terroir in a beer and it tastes like a salted brownie.

Stoked! Pale Ale

Single Hop Pale Ale 5.5% ABV

Stoked Pale Ale is our rotating hop pale ale, and each batch is made with a new blend of one or two hops, allowing us to experiment with new hops and processes. Each batch has the same malt and yeast profile, letting the subtle differences between hops shine through. It's our reminder that making beer is fun and if we're not stoked we're doing it wrong!


Incredible pale ale 6.9% ABV

HenHouse IPA is the sun at the center of our hoppy beer solar system and its gravity keeps everything else rotating nicely. Making this beer year round allows us to travel to hop farms every harvest and select the lots of those key hops that meet our exacting standards for maximum deliciousness. Built around five of our most favoritest hops: Cascade, Simcoe, Mosaic, Belma and Hallertau Blanc, all of our hoppy beer flows through what this beer has allowed us to do - it’s our keystone and it’s always hella fresh!