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Our purpose is not only to make beers but to make living wage jobs, to make careers for our employees, and to make a difference in our community. From top to bottom, our company makes, sells, delivers, and serves beer with this intention and purpose in mind. We know that a team of amazing people is at the heart of our continued growth - This is where your official HenHouse journey begins!


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The primary role of the Warehouse Technician is to ensure the safety, efficiency, and accuracy of all tasks flowing through the warehouse. The Warehouse Technician executes all tasks put forward by the Logistics Manager to support the Production, Sales, Marketing and Retail Departments. The warehouse is the company’s cardiovascular system and the Warehouse Technician is the blood.


The primary role of the Delivery Driver is to ensure safe, efficient and accurate deliveries to our wholesale customers and tasting rooms. The Delivery Driver is the eyes and ears of the company and our most frequent contact with our customers, and communicates effectively with the Logistics Manager and the Sales Coordinator all pertinent account information to achieve the highest possible level of customer service.

Cellar Technician

The primary role of the Cellar Technician is to ensure the highest standards of quality, sanitation and food safety are met as beer is in process between the brewhouse and packaging. The end consumer is never far from the Cellar Technician’s mind. Advocating for the consumer drives and informs their day to day actions and decisions.

Retail Security

The primary role of the Retail Security is to ensure the safety and legal compliance of the tasting room operations, and to assist in creating a fun and safe environment for our guests.

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Account Manager - North Bay

The primary role of the Account Manager is to drive sales. As the custodian of the relationship with our accounts, the Account Manager identifies, proposes, and advocates for beer that will sell well for the account, and create long-lasting mutually lucrative partnerships between HenHouse and our accounts.

Tasting Room Flight Attendant

The primary role of the Retail Flight Attendant is to create an educational and welcoming environment for guests. The Flight Attendant is the shaman that opens up new beer realities to the guest, via beer knowledge, company knowledge, outstanding personalized service and solution oriented sales.


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