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Our purpose is not only to make beers but to make living wage jobs, to make careers for our employees, and to make a difference in our community. From top to bottom, our company makes, sells, delivers, and serves beer with this intention and purpose in mind. We know that a team of amazing people is at the heart of our continued growth - This is where your official HenHouse journey begins!


open positions

Retail Security

The primary role of the Retail Security is to ensure the safety and legal compliance of the tasting room operations, and to assist in creating a fun and safe environment for our guests.

Packaging Technician

The primary role of the Packaging Tech is to ensure the highest standards of quality, sanitation and food safety are met as beer is packaged into kegs, cans and bottles. The end consumer is never far from the packaging technician’s mind. Advocating for the consumer drives and informs their day to day actions and decisions.

Administrative Coordinator

The central mission of the Administrative Coordinator is to create a smooth working environment for all Department Heads by ensuring the accuracy and timely recording of all bills and compliance documentation. Through attention to detail and consistency, the Administrative Coordinator provides the data entry, ordering, and recording keeping that allows greater specialization for all teams.

more positions coming soon!


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